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House renovating is like a tailored suit

STANDARD” renovation does not exist! If you go to a tailor asking for “a dress” without specifying the type of cloth, the measuring and cutting of the fabric, could you realistically expect a clear, comparable and economic answer to the question “how much will it cost?”

People who want to renovate their house often think that the best managed work depends on wich company will materially do the work. It’s a big mistake! The best workers will be neither efficient nor cheap if the client does not have clear ideas on what to do and how to do it.

Renovating with the best quality, costs and timeframe depends essentially from the renovation method you follow.
Our method enables you, our client, to be able to act like an expert. We will provide:

    - Analysis of the needs and goals
    - Verification of the goals by developing several different project ideas
    - Preparation of a detailed design and cost estimate
    - Collecting several estimates for the work and materials
    - Choice of the best estimates of the work
    - Performing quality works
    - Closing the project through verification of the works with testing

This will have a lower overall cost that any "do it yourself" approach for the following reasons:
    - The drafting of a quality project allows you to have clear ideas ad reach well thought-through solutions
    - We will together develop a project and itemized list of work. This will allow the solicit collection of comparable cost estimates, consistent with your goals, more specific, thus cheaper. You will save money here.
    - The direct purchase by the client of finishing materials also reduces costs. It eliminates all fees normally applied if the fitter provides for the purchase of the materials and then turns them to the customer.
    - In most case you need a professional expert to present a technical project to the responsible municipal otherwise the renovation will be considered illegal, which will affect any future attempt to sell the property.
    - The longer timeframe takes a restructuring the higher will be the costs.

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Ristrutturare casa con RENOVACASA, è il nuovo metodo per ristrutturare la tua casa. Ristrutturazioni e lavori edili a Roma.Scopri il nuovo metodo per ristrutturare casa.
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